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Production and facilities

Over the years FRUTOS SECOS GIL, SL has been renewing its machinery and today we have the best technology for shelled almonds and selection by computer control systems, always respecting the environment.

Descascaradora de Almendras en Valderrobres desde 1939


In order to get the best quality, our production process supervises and controls the almond from harvest to cracking and final packaging.
The facilities include the following production lines:

  • STORAGE: Over 1,500 m2 of warehouse at adequate ambient conditions of temperature and humidity for the almonds conservation.

  • RE-CLEAN: Before shelling we make a process of removing impurities and other objects to improve process efficiency and final quality of the almond.

  • SHELLING: In 2005 we renewed the machinery, doubling production capacity and controlling the process by computer.

  • ELECTRONIC SELECTION: Almond go through a selection process perspective and automated product that cleans the shell and other materials.

  • DRYING: The almond shell is used as a biofuel, to achieve optimum moisture of the kernel and contribute to environmental sustainability.

  • MANUAL SELECTION: For a quality finish in the selection of certain varieties, satisfying the demands of our customers.

  • PACKAGING: Depending on your needs, from big bags of 1,000 kg to 25 kg. Consult formats.

Each process receives the supervision and control corresponding to the almond maintains an optimum quality.

Office hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 - 13:00
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